EDGE (European Doctorate Group in Economics) Jamboree 2004

Department of Economics and ISSC (Institute for the Study of Social Change), University College Dublin

18-19 September 2004




Saturday 18 September 2004:


8.30 a.m.:  Meet with Vincent Hogan in Montrose Hotel lobby to walk to ISSC.


9.00-10.30 a.m.:  Workshop Session 1:  Economics of R&D


Chair:  Vincent Hogan (UCD)


Francesco Bripi (IGIER):  "State of Technology, Innovation and Finance"  [Figure]


            Discussant:   Ri Kaarup  (Copenhagen)


Paul O'Sullivan (UCD): "The Effect of R&D leadership on Research Joint Venture Formation"


            Discussant:   Lukasz Grzybowski (Munich)


Lorenzo Zirulia (IGIER): "The Evolution of R&D Networks"


            Discussant:   Zauhaïer M'Chirgui (Aix-Marseille)




11.00 a.m.-12.30 p.m.:  Workshop Session 2:  Industrial Organisation


Chair:  Andreas Haufler (Munich)


Maxime de Marin de Montmarin (Aix-Marseille): "Optimal Pricing and Network Congestion: An Attempt to Model the Paris Metro Pricing"


            Discussant  Kasper Nielsen (Copenhagen)


Daniela Grieco (IGIER): "Behind Overconfidence: Entry as an Ambiguous Choice pushed by Self-Perceived Competence"


            Discussant:   Simone Köhnz (Munich)


Lukasz Grzybowski (Munich): "Dynamic Duopoly Competition with Switching Costs and Network Externalities"


            Discussant:    Lorenzo Zirulia (IGIER)




2.00-3.15 p.m.:  Keynote Lecture:


Chair:  Andreas Haufler (Munich)


J. Peter Neary (UCD):  "Endogenous Market Structure in General Equilibrium"  





3.30-4.30 p.m.:  Workshop Session 3:  Political Economy


Chair:  Troels Østergaard Sørensen (Copenhagen)


Pascal Gautier (Aix-Marseilles):  "Political Alternation: A Suggested Interpretation"


            Discussant:   Daniela Grieco (IGIER)


Günther Fink (IGIER): "The Political Economy of Higher Education"


            Discussant:  Pavel Diev (Aix-Marseille)





4.45-5.45 p.m.: Workshop Session 4:  Topics in Micro


Chair:  Vincenzo Galasso (IGIER)


Jens Erik Nielsen (Copenhagen):  "Taxation, Time Allocation and Externalities"


            Discussant:   Maxime de Marin de Montmarin (Aix-Marseille)


Simone Köhnz (Munich):  "Self-Serving Bias and Ultimatum Bargaining"


            Discussant:    Gaia Narciso (IGIER)



7.45 p.m.:  Bus from Hotel to Dinner in City Centre


8.00 p.m.:  Dinner in Dobbins Bistro, 15 Stephen’s Lane (near Merrion Square) Dublin 2


Sunday 19 September 2004


9.00-10.30 a.m.:  Workshop Session 5:  Macro


Chair:  Eric Girardin (Aix-Marseille)


Kevin Sheedy (Cambridge):  "Explaining Inflation Persistence: A Generalization of the Calvo Model"


            Discussant:    Hongmei Zhao (UCD)


Safouane Ben Aissa (Aix-Marseilles):  "The Impact of Model Periodicity on Inflation Persistence in Sticky Price and Sticky Information Models"


            Discussant:    Francesco Bripi (IGIER)


Arne Dam (Copenhagen):  "Analyzing Monetary Policy with an Estimated DSGE Model" (with Jesper Linaa)


            Discussant:   Stephan Sauer  (Munich)





11.00 a.m.-12.30 p.m.:  Workshop Session 6:  Institutions


Chair:  J. Peter Neary (UCD)


Luis Vaz Silva (UCD):  "Alternative Instruments for Institutional Quality and the Effect of European Settlements on Economic Development"


            Discussant:   Günther Fink (IGIER)


Utku Teksöz (Munich):  "Corruption and Foreign Direct Investment: An Empirical Analysis"


            Discussant:   Pascal Gautier (Aix-Marseilles)


Kasper Nielsen (Copenhagen):  "The Family behind the Family Firm: Evidence from CEO Transitions"


            Discussant:   Ludek Kolecek (Munich)


Lunch and EDGE Committee meeting







            The conference web site is:  http://www.edge-page.net/jamb2004/jamb2004.htm. Changes to the programme will be posted on this as they become available.





            Vincenzo Galasso (IGIER)

            Eric Girardin (Aix-Marseille)

            Andreas Haufler (Munich)

            Vincent Hogan (UCD)

            J. Peter Neary (UCD)

            Emanuela Sciubba (Cambridge)

            Troels Østergaard Sørensen (Copenhagen)





            Vincent Hogan (UCD):  vincent.hogan@ucd.ie

            J. Peter Neary (UCD):  peter.neary@ucd.ie





ISSC (Institute for the Study of Social Change)

University College Dublin

Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland


A good starting point if you are not familiar with UCD is http://www.ucd.ie/visitor.htm. Here you will find background information on the College, information about getting to UCD, an aerial view of the campus and a campus map. The ISSC Building is beside the Arts Annex building which is numbered 35 on the map.




Montrose Hotel

Stillorgan Road, Dublin 4, Ireland

Tel.:  +353 (0)1 269 3311;   Fax: (+353 (0)1 269 3376



            The hotel is just below the words “Stillorgan dual carriageway” at the lower left-hand corner of the campus map : about 10 minutes walk from ISSC.  Reservations for all confirmed participants have been made at this hotel: UCD will pay for Friday and Saturday nights bed and breakfast. Participants must pay any extras and should make their own arrangments with the hotel if they wish to stay additional nights.



  Paper presenters should plan to speak for 15 minutes only, leaving 10 minutes for discussants and 5 minutes for general discussion. Session chairs will be asked to stick strictly to this timetable. A “white board”, overhead projector, and projector (“beamer”) for PowerPoint presentations will be available.





Susan Muldoon

ISSC (Institute for the Study of Social Change)

University College Dublin

Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

Tel. :  (+353) (0)1 716 4615;  Fax :   (+353) (0)1 716 1108