EDGE (European Doctorate Group in Economics) Jamboree 2005

Universita' Bocconi, Milan

17-18 September 2005




Saturday 17 September 2005:


9.00-10.30 a.m.: Keynote Lecture

Guido Tabellini (IGIER, Universita' Bocconi): "Culture and institutions: economic development in the regions of Europe "



11.00-12.30 a.m.: Workshop Session 1: Political Economics I


Chair: Carlo Favero (Bocconi)


Leandro M.de Magalhaes  (Bocconi): "Separation of Powers, Institutions and the Size of Government: Evidence from American States " (with Lucas Ferrero)


Discussant: Hanna Horisch (Munich)


Raphael Soubeyran (Aix-Marseille): "Contest with attack and defence: Does negative campaigning mobilize or demobilize the electorate?"


Discussant: Gaia Narciso (Bocconi)


Thomas Jensen (Copenhagen): "Can ambiguity in electoral competition be explained by projection effects in voters' perceptions?"


Discussant: Guenther Fink (Bocconi)




1.30 p.m.-3.30 p.m.: Workshop Session 2: Industrial Organisation and Trade


Chair: Joachim Winter (Munich)


Hans Zenger (Munich): "Successive Monopolies with Endogenous Quality "


Discussant Eileen Fumagalli


Bertel Schjerning (Copenhagen): "A Dynamic Model for Occupational Choice, Savings and Formation of Entrepreneurial Human Capital under Liquidity Constraints and Income Uncertainty"


Discussant: Steffan Ball (Cambridge)


Johannes Sandkühler (Munich): "Tariff Formation in Upstream Industries with Labor Interests "


Discussant: Luca Colantoni (Bocconi)






3.30-5.00 p.m.: Workshop Session 3: Political Economics II


Chair: Vincenzo Galasso (Bocconi)


Ossip Hühnerbein (Munich): "Collective Action Clause Thresholds in the Presence of Moral Hazard "


Discussant: Yue Chen (Cambridge)


Alexander Plekhanov (Cambridge): "Are subnational government budget constraints soft? Evidence from Russia"


Discussant: Friederike Kohler (Munich)


Dalibor Eterovic (Cambridge): "Give and Take: Voting rights and public policy in Latin America in the 20th century"

Discussant: Paolo Bianchi (Bocconi)


6.00-7.00 p.m.:  Jamboree Soccer Game at Pensionato Bocconi in via Bocconi


7.30 p.m.: Bus from Hotel to Dinner at Cascina Monlue



Sunday 18 September 2005


9.00-10.30 a.m.: Workshop Session 4: Development and Labour Economics


Chair: Eric Girardin (Aix-Marseille)


Marie Lebreton (Aix-Marseilles): "Voluntary participation and social capital in France: Local effects of social determinants"(with Katia Melnik)


Discussant: Fane Groes (Copenhagen)


Mariya Aleksynska (Bocconi): "Economic Determinants of Attitudes towards Non-Traditional Immigrants in a Non-Traditional Immigration Country"


Discussant: Katia Melnik (Aix-Marseilles)


Rafael de Hoyos (Cambridge): "Structural Modeling of Female Labour Participation and Occupation Decisions "


Discussant: Sara Pinoli (Bocconi) TBC





11.00 a.m.-12.00 p.m.: Workshop Session 5: Monetary Economics


Chair: Alessio Sancetta (Cambridge)


Gregory Gadzinski (Aix-Marseilles): "Estimating structural inflation dynamics: A reduced form solution to a conundrum"


Discussant: Linlin Niu (Bocconi)


Agostino Consolo (Bocconi): "Policy Inertia or Policy Learning "


Discussant: Leila Nouira (Aix-Marseilles)


Lunch and EDGE Committee meeting








Eric Girardin (Aix-Marseille)

Carlo Favero (Bocconi)

Vincenzo Galasso (Bocconi)

Guido Tabellini (Bocconi)

Alessio Sancetta (Cambridge)

Joachim Winter (Munich)




Raphael Soubeyran (Aix-Marseille)

Marie Lebreton (Aix-Marseille)

Katia Melnik (Aix-Marseilles)

Gregory Gadzinski (Aix-Marseilles)

Leila Nouira (Aix-Marseilles)

Leandro M.de Magalhaes (Bocconi)

Gaia Narciso (Bocconi)

Guenther Fink (Bocconi)

Luca Colantoni (Bocconi)

Mariya Aleksynska (Bocconi)

Sara Pinoli (Bocconi)

Linlin Niu (Bocconi)

Agostino Consolo (Bocconi)

Steffan Ball (Cambridge)

Yue Chen (Cambridge)

Alexander Plekhanov (Cambridge)

Rafael de Hoyos (Cambridge)

Thomas Jensen (Copenhagen)

Bertel Schjerning (Copenhagen)

Fane Groes (Copenhagen)

Hanna Horisch (Munich)

Hans Zenger (Munich)

Johannes Sandkühler (Munich)

Ossip Hühnerbein (Munich)

Friederike Kohler (Munich)
Paolo Bianchi (Bocconi)
Eileen Fumagalli (Bocconi)
Giuseppe Cappelletti (Bocconi)
Dalibor Eterovic (Cambridge)



Vincenzo Galasso (IGIER, Bocconi): vincenzo.galasso@unibocconi.it

Anabela Vasconcelos (IGIER): anabela.vasconcelos@unibocconi.it




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The hotel is just five minutes away from Bocconi and from the location of the meetings. Reservations for all confirmed participants have been made at this hotel: Bocconi will pay for Friday and Saturday nights bed and breakfast. Participants must pay any extras and should make their own arrangements with the hotel if they wish to stay additional nights.




Paper presenters should plan to speak for 15 minutes only, leaving 10 minutes for discussants and 5 minutes for general discussion. Session chairs will be asked to stick strictly to this timetable. A "white board", overhead projector, and projector ("beamer") for PowerPoint presentations will be available. Presenters who plan to use Powerpoint for their presentation should send their file to Vincenzo Galasso by September 14th.


The authors should make sure that the discussant is provided with a copy of the paper in due time before the Jamboree.


Copies of the papers will not be provided by the local organization in Bocconi University. Each participant should download the papers before coming to Milan and each presenter should bring a few copies of his or her paper to the conference and should mail a pdf version to Vincenzo Galasso.





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