EDGE (European Doctorate Group in Economics) Jamboree 2005

Universita' Bocconi (Institute for the Study of Social Change), Milan

17-18 September 2005


List of Papers and Presenters


Guido Tabellini:  “Culture and institutions: economic development in the regions of Europe” 

Leandro M.de Magalhaes: “Separation of Powers, Institutions and the Size of Government: Evidence from American States ” (with Lucas Ferrero)

Mariya Aleksynska: “Economic Determinants of Attitudes towards Non-Traditional Immigrants in a Non-Traditional Immigration Country”

Agostino Consolo: “Policy Inertia or Policy Learning”




Raphael Soubeyran: “Contest with attack and defence: Does negative campaigning mobilize or demobilize the electorate? ”

Marie Lebreton: “Voluntary participation and social capital in France: Local effects of social determinants” (with Katia Melnik)

Gregory Gadzinski:  “Estimating structural inflation dynamics: A reduced form solution to a conundrum ”




Hans Zenger: “Successive Monopolies with Endogenous Quality”

Ossip Hόhnerbein: “Collective Action Clause Thresholds in the Presence of Moral Hazard ”

Johannes Sandkόhler: “Tariff Formation in Upstream Industries with Labor Interests”




Bertel Schjerning: “A Dynamic Model for Occupational Choice, Savings and Formation of Entrepreneurial Human Capital under Liquidity Constraints and Income Uncertainty”

Thomas Jensen: “Can ambiguity in electoral competition be explained by projection effects in voters' perceptions? ”




Alexander Plekhanov: “Are Subnational Government Budget Constraints Soft? Evidence from Russia”

Rafael de Hoyos: “Structural Modeling of Female Labour Participation and Occupation Decisions”