École Doctorale N°372 de Sciences Économique et de Gestion d’Aix-Marseille


E.D.G.E. (European Doctorate Group in Economics)


Jamboree 2003


27-28 September 2003



Saturday 27 September 2003          

09h-10h30 :                Workshop session 1 :

Alireza Naghavi (Dublin)  "R&D-inducing Green Tariffs or Environmental Harmonization"

Discussant:  Jens Erik Nielsen (Copenhagen)

G. Attanasi, (Milan) "Waiting Value and Testing Value: a more general approach to environmental decisions under uncertainty"

Discussant: Sophie Pardo (Marseille) (to be confirmed)

Han Nie (Dublin) "The Effect of Information Disclosure on Patent Policy"

Discussant: Alexander Raubold (Munich) 


11h-12h30:                 Workshop session 2:

Jamel Jouini (Marseille): “Bootstrap tests in multiple structural change models”

Discussant : Heine Bohn Nielsen (Copenhagen)

 Ken Hori (Cambridge): "Profit-Sharing as the Optimal Wage Contract"  

Discussant: Emilie Daudey (Marseille)

Petia Manolova (Marseille): “Real taxation and production in a monetary economy with spatially differentiated agents”.

Discussant: Dennis Novy (Cambridge)


14h-15h15 :    Keynote lecture Alan Kirman (IUF, GREQAM, Uty Aix-Marseille) : From microeconomics to macroeconomics : Individual versus collective rationality


15h30-17h :                Workshop session 3:

Richard Schmidtke (Munich): “Private provision of a complementary public good” Note

Discussant: Whalid Ichri (Marseille)

Wiebke Kuklys (Cambridge): "Psychometric Equivalence Scales for Household Composition and Disability: Evidence from the UK"  

Discussant: Hélène Couprie (Marseille)

Sebastian Bervoets (Marseille): “Appraising diversity with an ordinal notion of similarity: An axiomatic approach”

Discussant: Elisabeth Hermann Fredriksen (Copenhagen)


17h15-18h45 :            Workshop session 3:

Rodrigo Caputo (Cambridge): "Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate in a Model with Endogenous Persistence".

Discussant: Ludovic Giet (Marseille)

Heino Bohn Nielsen (Copenhagen) "Has US Monetary Policy Followed the Taylor Rule? A cointegration analalysis, 1988-2002”.

Discussant: Leila Nouira (Marseille)

Astrid Selder (Munich): “Demand inducement, technology choice and insurance”

Discussant: Francesco Bripi (Milan)

19h30 :                       Reception Town hall, Aix en Provence

20h30:                        Dinner (city centre)

23h30:                                    Bus to “La Baume”

Sunday 28 September 2003

09h-10h30 :                Workshop session 4:

Christian Merz (Munich): “Asset pricing bubble formation with heterogeneous agents”

Discussant: Filippo Pavesi (Milan)

Marco Aiolfi (Milan): “Model Uncertainty, Thick Modelling and the Predictability of Stock Returns”.

Discussant:  Tatiana Tzoulia (Cambridge)

Hongmei Zhao (Dublin)  "Measuring the NAIRU - A structural VAR approach"

Discussant: Kevin Sheedy (Cambridge)


11h-12h30:                 Workshop session 5:

G. Aldashev, (Milan) "A Theory of Electoral Participation Based on Social Exchange" 

Discussant: Simone Kohnz (Munich)

Jacob Weisdorf, (Copenhagen) “From Home Production to Market Production: Long-Run Growth from a Boserupian Perspective”

Discussant:  Andreas Leukert (Munich)

Miriam Teschl (Marseille): “Locating identity within economic theory”.


12h45: Lunch and EDGE Committee meeting

13h45: Departure : Bus to Coach station


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- People travelling by air (Marseille-Provence Airport) or train (Aix en Provence TGV-station) should take the shuttle to Aix en Provence (it terminates at the coach station).

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