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EDGE Jamboree 2015: The Rules of the Game




Rules for presenters:
Each presenter has 40 minutes for the presentation including questions from the audience. The authors should make sure that the assigned discussant is provided with a copy of the paper in due time before the Jamboree (the 31st of July at the latest).

Presenters should also submit a pdf version of their papers by email to
Sebastian Bervoets ( before July 31, 2015.

Rules for discussants:
Each discussant has 10 minutes for their discussion. Being a discussant is a service to the profession and an extremely good exercise in reading and scrutinizing someone elses work. A good discussion is not necessarily critical (although many are), but may instead succinctly summarise the author's work in an elegant and transparent way such that non-obvious flaws and weaknesses are exposed. A good discussion takes time to prepare, but it will add to your reputation in your field. It is time well spent.