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EDGE Jamboree 2009: Location Information




All the places mentioned in the text below are identified on the map.

The meeting will take place in La Baume les Aix, a charming little place located at three kilometers or so from the city center of Aix-en-Provence (please click at to have some information about the place). The
place is accessible from the city center of Aix by taking the bus number 15
(the blue line on the map). The bus number 15 leaves from the main bus station ("Gare Routière") or from the “place de la Rotonde”, in the city center of Aix (see again the map). The schedule of the bus can be find on the website, and is also downloadable from this site here.

La Baume les Aix will also be the place where all students will stay
(accomodation will be provided for Friday September 11 and Saturday
September 12), while faculty members will be staying at the hotel Cardinal
( in the city center of Aix for the two
same nights. While the bus enables commuting between the city center to La Baume les Aix on Saturday morning, it does not on Sunday morning. Nicolas Gravel will pick up his Colleagues on Sunday morning and drive them to La Baume. Students should noticed that no dinner will be served on Friday night in La Baume.

Reaching the city center of Aix (as a matter of fact the main bus station “Gare Routière”)
is easy from the Marseille-Provence airport (in Marignane) or from the TGV
(fast train) station of Aix-en-Provence by using the shuttle that runs every
twenty minutes. For the exact schedule, please click on:

The same shuttle that leaves the airport stops at the TGV station.







Schedule of the bus











Here is a map in PDF format of Aix-En-Provence