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EDGE Jamboree 2001: The Program


Friday September 14

Arrival in Munich

Saturday September 15

8.45-9.00am Welcome address, practical matters

9.00-10.30am Session 1

Chair: Gernot Doppelhofer, Cambridge

Astrid Kühn, Munich: Breakdown of will and the value of information
Discussant: Christoph Kuzmics, Cambridge

Jihong Lee, Cambridge: Asymmetric Information, Bounded Rationality, and Contract Design
Discussant: Florian Herold, Munich

Han Nie, Dublin: The Breadth of Patent Systems
Discussant: Karsten Neuhoff, Cambridge

10.30-11.00am Tea/Coffee/Biscuits

11.00am-12.30pm Session 2

Chair: Christian Schultz, Copenhagen

Thomas Trimbur, Cambridge: General Model-Based Filters for Extracting Cycles and trends in Economic Time Series
Discussant: Edith Madsen, Copenhagen

Pierre Lafourcade, Cambridge: Stock prices, Fundamentals and Imperfect Competition
Discussant: Mette L. Christensen, Copenhagen

Efrem Castelnuovo, Bocconi: Evaluating monetary policy from central bank´s preferences
Discussant: Tom Giblin, Dublin

12.30-2:30pm Lunch

2:30-4.00pm Key Note Lecture

Chair: Ray Rees, Munich

Professor Hans-Werner Sinn, Munich: Why the Euro has been Falling

4.00-4.30pm Tea/Coffee/Biscuits

4.30-6.00pm Session 3

Chair: Vincent Hogan, Dublin

Alireza Naghavi, Dublin: Strategic Intellectual Property Protection Policy and North-South Technology Transfer
Discussant: Paolo Surico, Bocconi

Carola Grün, Munich: Growth, Inequality, and Well-being in Transition Countries
Discussant: Ms Couprie, Aix

Erwann Michel-Kerjan, Aix: The Public-Private Sector Risk-Sharing in the French Insurance "Cat.Nat. System"
Discussant: Christian Merz, Munich

7.30pm Conference Dinner

Sunday September 16

9.00-10.30am Session 4

Chair: Eric Girardin, Aix

Olivier Charlot, Aix: Too much education or not? A matching approach
Discussant: Nicola Curci, Bocconi

Martin Junge, Copenhagen: Labour supply with a generous unemployment insurance system
Discussant: Silke Übelmesser, Munich

Jacob Nielsen, Copenhagen: Empirical Analysis of Education Effects on Health in Denmark: A Panel Data Analysis with Endogenous Education
Discussant: Julien Tamine, Aix

10.30-11.00am Tea/Coffee/Biscuits

11.00am-12.30pm Session 5

Chair: Pietro Garibaldi, Bocconi

Sophie Pardo, Aix: Virtual underlying Security
Discussant: Ferdinand von Siemens, Munich

Björn Bartling, Munich: Underwriter Price Stabilisation and IPO Mispricing
Discussant: Giuseppe Attanasi, Bocconi

Thomas Harr, Copenhagen: Bad loans and Recapitalization
Discussant: Ken Hori, Cambridge

2.00-4.00pm Meeting of the EDGE executive committee

Rules of the Game: Each presenter has 20 minutes for the presentation followed by 5 minutes discussion by the discussant 5 minutes for general discussion.

All sessions take place at the CES (Center for Economic Studies), Schackstr. 4, 2. floor.



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