European Doctoral
  Group in Economics

EDGE Jamboree 2001: The List of Participants

Université Aix-Marseille II
Eric Girardin Faculty
Nicolas Gravel Faculty
Erwann Michel-Kerjan Presenter An Analysis of the French Insurance Scheme under Natural Catastrophe
Olivier Charlot Presenter Too much Education or not? A Matching Approach
Sophie Pardo Presenter Virtual Underlying Security
Julien Tamine Discussant  
Couprie Discussant
Universita' Bocconi
Pietro Garibaldi Faculty  
Paolo Surico . Discussant  
Giuseppe Attanasi . Discussant  
Efrem Castelnuovo Presenter Evaluating monetary policy from central bank´s preferences
Nicola Curci . Discussant  
University of Cambridge
Gernot Doppelhofer Faculty
Susanna Sällström Faculty
Pierre Lafourcade Presenter Stock prices, Fundamentals and Imperfect Competition
Jihong Lee Presenter Asymmetric Information, Bounded Rationality, and Contract Design
Thomas Trimbur Presenter General Model-Based Filters for Extracting Cycles and Trends in Economic Time Series (with Andrew Harvey)
Ken Hori Discussant
Christoph Kuzmics Discussant
Karsten Neuhoff Discussant
University College Dublin
Vincent Hogan Faculty
Rodney Thom Faculty  
Ali Naghavi Presenter Strategic Intellectual Property Protection
Han Nie Presenter The Breadth of Patent Systems
Tom Giblin Discussant  
Københavns Universitet
Christian Schultz Faculty
Jacob Nielsen Presenter Econometric Analysis of Education on Health
Martin Junge Presenter Labour Supply with a Generous Unemployment Insurance System
Thomas Harr Presenter Bad Loans and Recapitalization

Edith Madsen

Mette L. Christensen Discussant
LMU München    
Klaus Schmidt Faculty  
Hans-Werner Sinn Faculty
Stephan Klasen Faculty  
Gerhard Illing Faculty  
Ray Rees Faculty  
Björn Bartling Presenter Underwriter Price Stabilisation and IPO Mispricing
Carola Grün Presenter Growth,, Inequality and Well-being in Transition Countries
Astrid Kühn Presenter Breakdown of will and the value of information
Florian Herold Discussant  
Christian Merz Discussant  
Ferdinand von Siemens Discussant  
Silke Übelmesser Discussant  




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