European Doctoral
  Group in Economics

EDGE Jamboree 2002


Ibrahim Ahamada
Structural change in US inflation dynamics: non parametric approaches

Helene Couprie
Allocation of time within the family: are single living women better off than women in couple  

Florian Herold
Sticks or Carrots? Group Selection and the Evolution of Reciprocal Preferences   

Walid Hichri
Interior collective optimum and communication in a voluntary contribution to a public good game: an experimental approach

Andreas Koch 
On the Computational Complexity of Economic Decisions

Christoph Kuzmics
Stochastic Evolutionary Stability in Generic Extensive Form Games of Perfect Information

Alireza Naghavi
Labor Standards, Oligopsonistic Labor Markets, and the Location of Firm

Andreas Park
Caller Number Five: Timing Games that Morph from One Form to Another

Lynda Porter
Cost Assymetry and Taxation: Implications for Multinational Activity

Markus Reisinger
The Effects of Product Bundling in Duopoly

Giuliano de Rossi
Kalman Filtering of Consistent Forward Rates Curves

Ferdinand von Siemens
Employment Contract and Fairness

Paolo Surico
US monetary Policy Rules: the Case for Assymetric Preferences

Pietro Tommasino
The Political Economy of Financial Backwardness

Hongmei Zhao
The Behavior of Inflation and Unemployment in the OECD

Lars Peter ěsterdal
Equal Value of life and the Pareto Principle