European Doctoral
  Group in Economics

Jamboree 2000 - University of Cambridge


Friday September 15

Arrival in Cambridge.

Saturday September 16

Each presenter has 30 minutes for the presentation followed by 10 minutes discussion by the discussant (see below) and 5 minutes for general discussion. All sessions take place in the Andrew Room.

8.45-9.00am. Welcome and practical matters
9.00-10.30am. Chair: Dr. J. Edwards, Cambridge.
Martin Junker Nielsen, University of Copenhagen: Theory of storage and the pricing of commodity claims. Discussant: Tom Giblin.
Tom Giblin, University College, Dublin: TBA. Discussant: Martin Junker Nielsen.
10.30-11.00am Tea/Coffee/Biscuits outside the Andrew Room.
11.00am-12.30pm Chair: Professor C. Schultz, Copenhagen.
Cathal Guimard, University College, Dublin: Liberalising vertically related markets under oligopoly. Discussant: Thomas Mueller.
Thomas Mueller, Munich: Analysing Modes of Foreign Entry: Greenfield Investment versus Acquisition. Discussant: Cathal Guimard
1pm Self-service lunch in College Hall.
2:00-3.30pm Professor, Sir, J. Mirrlees: Why Commodities Should be Taxed.
3.30-4.00pm Tea/Coffee/Biscuits outside the Andrew Room.
4.00-5.30pm Chair: Professor P. Neary, Dublin.
Henrik Jacobsen Kleven, Copenhagen: Optimum taxation and the allocation of time. Discussant: Georgina Santos
Georgina Santos, Cambridge: Congestion management using road pricing: Would it be efficient? Discussant: Henrik Jacobsen Kleven.
7.30pm Dinner in College Hall, Sidney Sussex College.

Sunday September 17

9.00-10.30am. Chair: Professor Ray Rees, Munich.
Martin K. Jensen, Copenhagen: An integration of new growth theory and turnpike theory Discussant: Masanaga Kumakura
Masanaga Kumakura, Cambridge: Exchange Rate Uncertainty and Dynamics of Traded Goods: An Aggregate View Discussant: Martin K. Jensen
10.30-11.00am Tea/Coffee/Biscuits outside the Andrew Room.
11.00am-12.30pm Chair: Professor Victor Levy, Hebrew.
George Gebhardt, Munich, Innovation and venture capital Discussant: Paul O’Sullivan.
Paul O’Sullivan, Dublin, TBA. Discussant: George Gebhardt.
1pm Self-service lunch in College Hall.
2pm Meeting of EDGE's executive committee.


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